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A safe and equal Värmland

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  • A safe and equal Värmland
    Gender inequality, income inequality and lack of integration are problems that must be addressed and addressed. You should be able to feel safe regardless of sexual orientation, gender, origin, disability, financial conditions and place of residence.
    Violence, oppression and injustice must be fought and those affected must be supported. This applies to all adults and children who are subjected to intimate partner violence. Those affected by sexual violence need special care and it is important that the healthcare system can meet them in a safe and secure way.
    Gender inequality can never be accepted and the Left Party works to ensure that everyone has the same opportunities, regardless of which gender you identify as. The same goes for sexual orientation. No matter how you live and love, you have the right to be treated with respect and have your human rights met.
    Vänsterpartiet wants to counteract the causes of exclusion and crime. You should be able to feel safe wherever you live. We also want to work to offer support to those who want to leave crime and addiction.
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