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    Värmlanders should have access to good health care. You should be confident in getting the best care, no matter where you live, what you earn or where you come from.
    You must arrive at care when you need to, Vänsterpartiet wants to work to shorten the waiting lists in Värmland. Health centers are often the first way into healthcare and they should be accessible in an easy way. The tax money should be used for health care, not profits. Therefore, Region Värmland will work to reduce dependence on hired doctors and we do not want to outsource care to private healthcare providers. Vänsterpartiet wants to stop the opportunities to extract profits in welfare. The whole person should feel good, which is why it is extra important to invest in good psychiatric care, both for adults, children and young people. When it hurts the soul, you need to be able to feel confident that there is help available. The whole body should receive care and therefore it is important to strengthen dental care in Värmland so that you can get time for the dentist, regardless of where you live. You shouldn’t have to hesitate to go to the dentist because you can’t afford it. Dental care should be covered by a high-cost protection just like the rest of the body.
    We care about future generations, which is why safe and good women’s healthcare and obstetric care are of the utmost importance. Värmland’s parents should feel safe when their children come into the world.

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