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    In order for us to live safely and feel good, the planet must also feel good. The climate crisis must be taken seriously and Region Värmland needs to work sustainably from an environmental point of view while at the same time making it easier for those who live in Värmland to live sustainably. This applies to both ourconsumption habits, travel and working for a circular economy.
    All decisions in Region Värmland must be made based on how it affects the environment.
    Vänsterpartiet wants to work for Region Värmland to comply with the Paris Agreement. Region Värmland should lead the way in the environmental issue and influence other actors in the work for biodiversity and environmental sustainability.
    We want to promote food production in Värmland and encourage organic production and locally produced food.Vänsterpartiet in the Riksdag says:
    For us, the environment is more important than the interests of profit. The impoverishment of biodiversity, the climate crisis and other serious environmental problems mean that we must quickly transform our society.

    We want to use our common resources for investments in what is sustainable in the long term, such as renewable energy, sustainable transport and protecting natural areas. Justice and the environment are interrelated. Those who burden the environment and the climate the most must also make the greatest changes in consumption and lifestyle. Only by reducing the gaps between rich and poor and between men and women can we achieve an ecologically sustainable society and distribute the limited environmental space fairly. Biodiversity is the basis of our welfare and it must be safeguarded by taking environmental considerations before the short-term profit interests of companies. Voluntary efforts to protect our nature and environment are insufficient and strengthened regulation and new instruments and measures are therefore necessary for our limited resources to be used sustainably and with regard to people and the environment.

    Sweden only achieves one of our 16 national environmental goals. We need to do so much more than what is being done today to reduce the burden on our ecosystems. For example, we need to reduce the spread of pesticides in agriculture and microplastics in the oceans and reduce the environmental and climate impact of our transports. At the same time, we want to implement environmental improvement measures for ecologically sustainable agriculture, environmentally adapted forestry and fishing and sustainable mineral mining.

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