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  • Priority issues

Priority issues

  • We have made a difference
  • Together we build the future
  • For the whole of Värmland
  • Public health
  • Care sector
  • A safe and equal Värmland
  • Education
  • Culture
  • Environment
  • Public transport
  • Priority issues
    ● Six-hour workday
    ● Rental doctor stop
    ● Reduced ticket prices in public transport
    ● Focus on shorter waiting lists
    ● Good accessibility throughout Värmland
    ● Shorter queues for dental care
    ● Drone transport for samples
    ● Better obstetric care
    ● Stop privatizations
    ● Best in Sweden at public health
    ● Promote local and regional food production
    ● More charging posts for electric cars
    ● Free public transport for pensioners and summer holiday cards for young people up
    to 25 years.
    ● Work towards an expanded and upgraded road and rail network
    ● Accessible culture for children and young people
    ● Develop Värmland as a sustainable industrial region

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