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Vänsterpartiet Värmland

The Värmlanders deserve the best. We will not settle for less.

Everyone in Värmland should be able to feel good, regardless of where you live and what you earn. The Left Party Vänsterpartiet works so that people can live, work, get educated and develop in our entire region. Everyone should have the opportunity to develop their dreams and hopes, together and as individuals.

During the mandate period 2018–2022, we have brought about real changes. We stand for what we promised. We have, among other things, passed a six-hour working day on trial for staff in several departments at the region’s hospitals. We have also achieved work for increased knowledge about men’s violence against women, ten million for psychiatry and an investment in public health. We do not engage in empty words but make a real difference.


Here you can read about everything that is happening now in Värmland.

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