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Vänsterpartiet (The Left Party) in Värmland

Vänsterpartiet Värmland is the party district for the parliamentary constituency Värmland. At the district level, regional politics is handled. The district also acts as a support to the local basic organizations, the party associations, and sometimes the district and one or more party associations co-organize larger events. The district also works with conducting study work in Vänsterpartiet and arranges various training opportunities for the members of the district.

The district has an employee ombudsman.

Party associations

The district functions as a support to the local basic organizations, the party associations. A party association is an association for a smaller area, in Värmland it is for each municipality, while in the larger cities Stockholm and Gothenburg it is divided into districts. In every active party association there is a party association board.

Vänsterpartiet’s members belong to a party association, if one exists where you live. It is in the party associations that most members carry out active political work, for example organizing demonstrations and demonstrations, standing in the polling booth or handing out leaflets. The political work thus mainly takes place in the local party associations as it is there that the members are organized. The district board and candidates for the region and the Riksdag are all members of a party association.

District Annual Conference

Every year there is a district annual conference where each party association sends appointed representatives. The number of representatives for each party association is based on how many members there are in the party association’s area. At the District Annual Conference, a district board is appointed.

The party congress

The districts are also the ones responsible for sending delegates to the party congress. The party congress is the party’s highest body, it is held at least every two years. There are 225 congress delegates and just like the district annual conference, it is distributed in proportion to the number of members in the various districts.


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