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Become active in Vänsterpartiet


Engage yourself

Our ambition is that everyone who wants to contribute should be able to do so, in their own way. There is a lot of different tasks already today, and if you have other ideas, we are interested.

There are many different ways to get active. It can be by participating in a study circle, or arranging it. It could be putting up posters, or layout them. It could be handing out newspapers, or writing in them. It could be organizing a party, or a conversation about a certain issue. Everyone has something to contribute that suits them.

New to the left?

If you are new and want to find a way in, the easiest way is to come to a membership meeting or contact the party association you belong to. Every association in Värmland works in its own way, some always start with a coffee for a dozen people, others invite to larger meetings especially for new members with talks about Vänsterpartiet’s ideology, politics and organization and find a task for everyone who wants to get started.

Send a donation

Vänsterpartiet in Värmland survives financially through party support, the internal party tax and gifts from individual members and sympathizers.

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